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The Journey in Düsseldorf


It is the first real spring day in Düsseldorf, sun is shining, temperatures are high and so is the spirit of the participants of the Journey Quarterfinal in Düsseldorf. The Capella Bar Team at Breidenbacher Hof prepares itself for a day of Aquavit.

Cordula Langer, Barmanager BRYK Bar Berlin, Jürgen Deibel, Aquavit educator and Alex Thürer, editor of the Fizzz Magazin, had the pleasure to judge the amazing Linie cocktail compositions of the contestants and choose three semifinalist for Germany.

Congratulations to:

Csaba Schneider, bartender at Bar Alexandra in Düsseldorf, convinced with his drink “Sailing to America”.

Robin Sieber, bartender Sullivan Bar in Frankfurt, dazzled the jury with his drink “Fjord Tales”.

Damian Werg, bartender at Rotkehlchen Münster, hijacked everyone in far away countries with his drink Merlion.

The challenge is on and the Journey to the semi-final in Berlin is booked !



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