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Meet Martin from Sweden!

Martin Alexandersson

1- Tell us about yourselves and where you work

My name is Martin Alexandersson, I am 29 years old and from Gothenburg where I work at a bar called Stranger.

2- Who do you look up to in the drink industry?

My coworkers and people around me in the industry. They allways push me to be better but the very first person I looked up to was Dale DeGroff.

3- What are you doing when you are not behind the bar?

I am spending time with my family. My girlfriend Linda and my son Berra. I also try to watch some football when I can.

4- Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail

My idea behind my cocktail is to somehow show that you should not be scared of mixing flavours that might on paper look horrible mixed together.

5- When was your first meeting with Linie aquavit? Tell us about it.

I have been living in Sweden most part of my life so I have been around lovely and amazing aquavits for as long as I can remember. Therfore I can not acctually pinpoint the exact time I tried Linie for the first time.

6- What do you like about mixing cocktails with Linie aquavit?

I would say the versatility of the Line is amazing. Works so well in a fruity "easy" going cocktail or you can put it in an all spirit based cocktail and it fits superb there as well.

7- Why did you join Linie – The Journey competition?

I think it is a great competition and you get to work with a great product.

8- What is your next project after the competition?

I will still be working at Stranger for a bit longer and then we have some really fun new openings in Gothenburg where I will be a part of.

9- Without giving anything away, what is going to impress to judges during the final?

Of course my drink is amazing flavour wise but I will also give the judges some insight in my personal life and some stories from my life that got me where I am today.

Thanks for answering our questions, and good luck !


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