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Mikko Karjunen - 2018 Finalist - Finland

Only 2 weeks left before the final of Linie The Journey in Oslo. This year we will have 13 candidates from 7 countries competing. Here is a small presentation of Mikko Karjunen, candidate from Finland:

  • Tell us about yourselves and where you work:

Mikko Karjunen


I'm Mikko Karjunen from Central Finland and have been living in Helsinki since late 2015. Finally reached long waited 10 years working within hospitality.

At the moment working at a northern inspired cocktail bar called "Kaira" situated in the heart of Helsinki.

  • Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail:

This year's Linie the Journey cocktail "Sylvester's toast" brings a traditional German new year to all senses. It's a celebration of food and drink very commonly enjoyed at their annual dinner table.

Thank you for answering our questions Mikko.

Good luck for the final!


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