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Peggy Knuth - 2018 Finalist - Germany

Only 2 weeks left before the final of Linie The Journey in Oslo. This year we will have 13 candidates from 7 countries competing. Here is a small presentation of Peggy, candidate from Germany:

Peggy Knuth

  • Tell us about yourselves and where you work:

Hey, I'm Peggy. I'm Bar manager at Salut! Bar in Berlin. I've been working many years in bars and restaurants and have bceom fulltime bartender 6 years ago. To take the leap from office work to work behind the bar has been the best decision I've ever made :).

I love to host people and make our customers happy. I also love to play with differents flavours and be creative in doing our homemade stuff.

Peggy Knuth
  • Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail:

I like it very simple and straight. My drink "Eastcoast Park" is a twist of a Gimlet so I just enhance the complex aroma of Linie Aquavit.

My Journey took me to Singapore, a place I visited during my last Asian trip. one of the typical regional ingredients in the South-East Asian kitchen is pandan.

I always wanted to do something with pandan and Linie Aquavit is the perfect match. So here we go!

Thank you for answering our questions Peggy.

Good luck with the final!

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