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Samuel Wiktorsson - 2018 Finalist - Sweden

Only 2 weeks left before the final of Linie The Journey in Oslo. This year we will have 13 candidates from 7 countries competing. Here is a small presentation of Samuel Wiktorsson, candidate from Sweden:

Samuel Wiktorsson

  • Tell us about yourselves and where you work:

As a kid I always liked to be creative.

To paint, play instruments and sing all had one thing in common. They offered me an escape from reality. To step into a world where everything was possible was a great feeling! Behind the bar I found my way back to that feeling and it was like meeting a long lost friend.

My last place was a Japanese inspired restaurant and cocktail bar called Shibumi. I got to learn about a lot of new products such as sake, shochu, yuzu, kombu, miso and shiso.

It really triggered my creativity and it was a fun and great challenge.

  • Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail:

At Shibumi we often combined Japanese flavors with Scandinavian ones.

My cocktail, The Composer, is staying true to that concept. Working with Linie as the base paired together with ingredients from Japan. Japan, which is the last stop on my own creative journey.

I think the umami that is present in most Japanese ingredients is a good match with Linie Aquavit.

In Scandinavia we eat a lot of fish, which also contains umami, and on special occasions it's paired perfectly together with aquavit.

Thank you for answering our questions, Samuel !

Good luck with the final!


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