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Toby Efteland - 2018 Finalist - Denmark

Only 2 weeks left before the final of Linie The Journey in Oslo. This year we will have 13 candidates from 7 countries competing. Here is a small presentation of Toby, candidate from Denmark:

Peggy Knuth

  • Tell us about yourselves and where you work:

My name is Torbjørn (Toby) Efteland. I have been working as a bartender for around 6 years, most of it was in Bergen, Norway.

I now work in an aquavit bar in Copenhagen called Rastløs (meaning restless). It is a bar with a consistently changing cocktail Menu that incorporates aquavit in everything, as to show the diversity of this Genre of spirits.

  • Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail:

I am half Singaporean - half Norwegian. So my drink is about portraying how Singapore is always moving forward while including the world in its culture.

I am using classic Singaporean/South Asian beverage(Teh taric) and add on my experience and heritage in a way that Singaporeans do with everything around them.

Thank you for answering our questions Toby.

Good luck with the final!


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