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Meet Yvonne, The Journey finalist from Sweden!

Yvonne Tran

1- Tell us about yourselves and where you work

My name is Yvonne Tran and I am working at Corner Club in Stockholm.

2- Who do you look up to in the drink industry?

Everybody I have worked with in the past who has, one way or another, taught me something !

3- What are you doing when you are not behind the bar?

I'm just trying to discover new things, meet new people, watch Tarantino movies and enjoy life.

4- Tell us briefly about the idea behind your Linie cocktail

For me Linie and other aquavit, has been something you shoot after a big meal or during holidays. I wanted to make a drink, which was soft and delicate, a bit sweet and something to enjoy all year around.

5- When was your first meeting with Linie aquavit? Tell us about it.

When I still lived in Småland, celebrating midsummer.

6- What do you like about mixing cocktails with Linie aquavit?

The softness of the aquavit, the sherry and vanilla notes.

7- Why did you join Linie – The Journey competition?

I just started to work in a bar again in Sweden, so I thought it would be a good challenge for me.

8- What is your next project after the competition?

Pushing the new menu at Corner Club and make the place rock!

9- Without giving anything away, what is going to impress to judges during the final?

The surprise element of the drink...

Thanks for answering our questions, and good luck !

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